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Indivisible Kansas City is an area-wide, progressive, all-volunteer organization. 

Our mission is to empower everyday people to actively engage in the voting process and with their elected representatives in order to build a more equal and just future for all of us.

Greater Kansas City will be a model of civic engagement, demonstrating the power of progressive, grassroots activism to hold elected officials accountable.
  1. A functional democracy requires that constituents hold elected representatives 
    accountable throughout their terms in office.
  2. An informed and focused constituent message carries power.
  3. We must model the values of inclusion, respect, and fairness through the actions of our group and our members.
  4. An extreme and authoritarian agenda will take America backwards and must be opposed at the federal, state, and local level.




From our 8/27/19 email:

Thank you to everyone who showed up to protest bigotry and call for impeachment on Saturday. It was moving to see the multi racial movement of United We Stand KC come together. We'll leave you with one of our favorite quotes from the event.

“This week, as a Jew, I was accused of disloyalty. But I am here to declare my loyalty to America. I am loyal to black people across America. I am loyal to women. I am loyal to Muslims, Christians, and yes my fellow Jewish brothers and sisters. I am loyal to the gay Community. I am loyal to immigrants and refugees. I am loyal to fast food workers and other working people—black, white, and brown—all across America. I am loyal to everybody in America who is seeking to pursue our commitment to pursue Liberty and Justice for ALL.”


—Rabbi Doug Alpert 
Congregation Kol Ami

July 12, 2019

About 500 people rallied in support of migrants and refugees tonight for Lights for Liberty - KC. They filled Washington Square Park, some for two and a half hours.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement begin raids in 10 cities starting this weekend.

The candles are a call to stop separating migrant children from their parents at the border.

People at the vigil say asylum seekers have rights and they should be treated humanely. They feel it's outrageous the U.S. would treat immigrants poorly and say the current administration's policies hurt our image around the world.

"These people are seeking asylum. Our laws protect asylees. They only people who are violating the law right now is the administration," said Judy Ancel of Cross Border Network.

"People are focused on what's happening at the border and the conditions in the camps--which are very important but what is the actual root causes of why people are fleeing Central America and specifically Honduras," said Karen Spring of Honduras Solidarity Network.

They say U.S. policies abroad are in some cases driving the flow of migrants.

We reached out to several local lawmakers for comment about the rally, but none were available.

In a statement ICE says it "fully respects the Constitutional rights of all people to peacefully express their opinions. That being said, ICE remains committed to performing its immigration enforcement mission consistent with federal law and agency policy."

- Brian Johnson KMBC News

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In a quickly organized event, IKC supported NARAL and other pro-choice organizations in an event on the Plaza, which drew thousands of protesters.


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The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings began after Labor Day in 2018.

In response, activists and concerned citizens gathered around the country on August 26th for a national day of action to tell our Senators: Kavanaugh is WRONG for the U.S. Supreme Court.

With the help of our co-hosts, large and energetic groups turned out in front of Sen. McCaskills' and Sen. Robert's offices to make our voices heard.