Progress starts with you.

We know that personal interactions are the most powerful way to create change.  


So that group you forward social media posts to, or that you text, email or talk to about progressive issues and our regressive government?  That's your team.  Or do you think that within your faith, business or other organization, there are progressives who would stand with us?  That can also be your team.  With 2020 just over the horizon, it is a great time to move beyond talk and into action.

What does being an Action Captain involve? Gathering people you know and care about to take action together at least once a month.


1.  Identify your team: Your kaffeeklatsch, friends, family, neighbors, or members of your faith, business or alumni organization.  Then, name your team.


2.  Sign up to receive special notices from IKC about key actions as well as invitations to meet up and brainstorm with other action captains.  See something on our "Events" page that suits your group?  Let your team know and go for it!  Have an idea for an important call to action? Write it up and we'll share it out with the other Action Captains! We will also be encouraging some friendly competition between teams for number of events, people, calls, letters, etc.


3.  Get your team going!  Go as a group to rally, attend a candidate forum, collect signatures, sign up voters!  Gather at a comfortable spot to write postcards or letters together.  Create your own mini-phone bank to make sure your team's network knows about a specific issue.

4.  Have fun.


5.  Report the action and key numbers back to IKC.


Indivisible KC is a collective, grassroots movement working toward making progressive change through local civic engagement. We hope to see our Action Captains form a collaborative community to help direct our movement and lead us forward.

Sign up here! We're looking forward to working with you.