Governmental transparency is a critical component of limiting corruption, paybacks and abuses of power.   


This transparency includes sunshine laws that make meetings, records, votes, deliberations and other official actions available for public observation, participation and/or inspection. Sunshine laws also require government meetings to be held with sufficient advance notice and at times and places that are convenient and accessible to the public, with exceptions for emergency meetings.






Voter ID Laws. Again. (Seriously, GOP?)

Jay Ashcroft announced he’d be running for Secretary of State again during the recent GOP Lincoln Days and with a promise to revive a voter ID law gutted by the court for being “misleading,” “contradictory” and unconstitutional. Well, the Missouri GOP is already on it.

The House of Representatives granted preliminary approval last week to House Bill 1600 on a voice vote. (It will need a recorded vote to move to the Senate.) The legislation takes a *third* shot at requiring voters to possess government-issued photo identification to cast a ballot.


The Missouri Supreme Court struck down the first two laws Republicans enacted to impose the requirement, ruling they unconstitutionally infringed on voting rights and do nothing to stop voter impersonation (because it doesn’t exist).

If the bill passes the Senate and is signed into law, we can expect our Secretary of State to use taxpayer dollars to try to defend the requirement for a third time.


After it was already declared unconstitutional by Missouri’s Supreme Court. Twice.

What you can do: Contact your state legislators (and then donate to or volunteer with the ACLULet America Vote or another voting-rights organization for good measure).

  • Say NO to MO SJR 38, HJR 101 and HJR 76 These bills would gut Amendment 1 rules for redistricting approved last year by 1.4M voters and would return Missouri to gerrymandered districts. This bill:

- Puts lobbyists, consultants, political hacks back in charge of drawing maps
- Makes redistricting process secretive
- Prohibits legal challenges to unfair maps
- Advances white supremacy

Contact your senator TODAY and tell them to respect the will of voters and defend fair maps!! >> Be sure to customize the letter with your own thoughts.

  • Say NO to MO SJR 31, SJR 38, SB 522, HB 118 - These bills are an attack on Missouri's ballot initiative process.  They would:
    - Would nearly double the signatures needed to qualify a ballot iniative (8 to 15 percent)
    - Require 2/3 majority to pass (citizen initiatives only)
    - Invite political interference into process
    - Undermine one hundred year precedent in MO



Missouri GOP all in on turning Clean Missouri
into “Dirty” Missouri


Stop the absurdity in Jeff City. Three pieces of proposed legislation will essentially gut Clean Missouri, which was overwhelmingly approved (62%) by Missouri voters in 2018. Clean Missouri passed because voters want fair representation. SJR38, HJR101 andHJR76 would effectively repeal redistricting reforms included in Clean Missouri, which calls for a census-based and demographically driven redistricting plan.

These proposed Constitutional Amendments would overturn the will of the 1.4 million Missourians who supported the Clean Missouri Amendment, allowing redistricting to be even more partisan, more secretive, and more unfair than ever before, resulting in some of the worst gerrymandering in the nation.

What you can do:

  • Contact your state legislators. This isn’t going away. You can also work to elect Democrats in every state office including, most importantly, governor. Let’s stop the overturning of voters’ will in Missouri.


Click through to read more about bills, their status, full text, sponsors and how specific elected representatives voted. (Best viewed on a larger screen.)  

Colors bars to the left of bills indicate IKC support (green) or opposition (red). 

We will be ranking more pieces of proposed legislation in the 2020 session.  If you'd like to help us sort through the bills introduced enforcing or undermining clean government, go to our volunteer form, here.

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