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I vote in Missouri and would like to vote by mail as an absentee voter who meets one of these criteria:

  • Incapacity or confinement due to illness

In 2020, I have contracted coronavirus or I am at-risk due to any of the following because I:

  • Am age 65 or older

  • Live in a long term care facility

  • Have chronic lung disease/asthma

  • Have a serious heart condition

  • Am immunocompromised

  • Have diabetes

  • Have chronic kidney disease and am undergoing dialysis

  • Have liver disease

Wednesday, October 21, 2020* - Your application for a mail-in absentee ballot must be received by your local election board.   

(You can also vote absentee in person before Nov. 3rd.) 

1.  Download and print the application.  

2.  Complete it and mail, fax, or deliver it to your local election board

Tuesday November 3, 2020* - Your ballot must be received at your local election board.

1.  Complete your ballot. 

2.  You can submit your mail-in ballot in-person to your local election board or Arrowhead Stadium up until 7 pm on Tuesday, November 3rd.  

3.  If mailing, please mail it ASAP.  Adding appropriate first-class postage to your notarized ballot forces the USPS to treat your ballot as first-class mail instead of bulk mail and should increase the chances of faster delivery.

4.  You can also opt to take your absentee ballot to your polling place, have it "spoiled" and then vote in person.

*Due to Trump's meddling with the USPS, we STRONGLY recommend mailing both ballot application and your completed ballot at least 14 days before these deadlines.