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I vote in Missouri and would like to vote by mail as an absentee voter who meets one of these criteria:

  • Religious beliefs or practice

  • Working as an election worker

  • Incarcerated and  still eligible to vote

  • Certified participation in an address confidentiality program Pursuant to 589.660—589.681 RSMo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020* - Your application for a mail in absentee ballot to vote on November 3rd must be received by your local election board.   

1.  Download and print the application

2.  Complete it and mail, fax, or deliver it to your local election board

Tuesday, November 3, 2020* - Your ballot must be received via USPS at your local election board.

1.  Complete your ballot.

2.  Your ballot envelope must be notarized.  Note that most banks will provide free notary services for ballots.  Here is a list of notaries provided by the State of Missouri; some may be able to notarize your envelope electronically. 

Other means to get your ballot notarized:

Curbside Notary - CurbsideKC is partnering with your favorite local coffee shops and restaurants to bring you free Curbside Notary events open to all Missouri registered voters of any political party.


KCMO Parks Community Centers are offering FREE Notary services to all KCMO residents.  Check out times and locations.

3. YOU MUST MAIL YOUR ballot.  You will not be able to relinquish your ballot on election day and will not be able to vote at your polling place.

4. Please mail it ASAP.  Adding appropriate first-class postage to your notarized ballot forces the USPS to treat your ballot as first-class mail instead of bulk mail and should increase the chances of faster delivery.

*Due to Trump's meddling with the USPS, we STRONGLY recommend mailing both ballot application and your completed ballot at least 14 days before these deadlines.