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Call/Write/Show Up

See our list of actions on our WELCOME page and on our ISSUE pages, follow us on social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter), and check out our issue pages for calls to action.  New to activism?  Go to our "Tools" page for simple how-tos.

Be an Action Captain


We are encouraging small groups to gather to increase our grass-roots activism.  Gather friends, family, neighbors, or members of your faith, business or alumni organization to talk and take local actions.  You can choose your format, location and issues.  IKC can give you lots of help.  Find out more here.

Register Voters


Did you know that YOU (a registered voter) can register other voters?  Both states allow registered voters to distribute voter registration forms.  Both states require appropriate identification when new voters vote for the first time.  Kansas' guideline brochure is available here.  


You can also send Kansas voters to KSVOTES.org ('cause of Koboach) and Missouri voters Vote.org to register online. 


Also, additional hands, heads and hearts are often needed as part of organized Voter Registration programs through our allies at the ACLU or League of Women Voters, or at other events.

Attend/Organize Action Afternoons 

(Almost) each month we organize on the afternoon of the 2nd Sunday of the month.  We come together to socialize, learn about an issue and strategize on how we can most effectively take action.  First and foremost, we'd love to see you there.  Want to do more?  We need help securing speakers, reserving meeting spaces and help with tasks like welcoming folks, signing them in and bringing refreshments.

Be an Ally Organization LiaisonX


IKC has numerous allies that we coordinate efforts with.  If you are already a participant in an organization that deals with progressive issues (or are able to attend regular meetings with one of our allies) and would like to act as liaison between IKC and those groups, we can use your help!

Write IKC Blog Articles


IKC is always seeking information that helps us be more informed and more effective.  Use our contact form to let us know what topic you'd like write about to add to issue pages and our blog posts.  IKC needs people to help us generate talking points and collect research for our weekly Calls to Action and Member of Congress Office Visits. We also need quick, written responses to breaking news events, and well-researched blog entries to help our members understand complex issues.

Be An Issue Specialist


Passionate about an issue?  Join (or help create) a small group focused on one of our core issues.  Your team's job would be to work with IKCs media team to provide info on upcoming legislation (we have a cool tool for that), links to relevant news articles, regular short updates on issues and  - most importantly - identify calls to action on the issue.  Our issue pages are listed on the tab above, including on called "Pages in Development."  Let us know what you're interested in, and we will give you the tools to feed that information to Indivisibles across the Metro.

Photograph/Videograph IKC Events


IKC can always use quality images and videos of our actions and events.  Let us know if you're willing to document our efforts.

Organize Representative Visits


IKC began resisting in early 2017 by organizing office visits at all area congressional representatives’ district offices. As we approach the 2020 election cycle, we would like to again approach our representatives in small group meetings to discuss their responses to our concerns over the past three years.  We need someone with leadership skills to help organize the meeting time and place, and to work with IKC leadership to identify key issues and asks to be discussed during the meeting, as well as documenting the meeting and commitments.

Collect Signatures


.IKC has numerous allies that we coordinate efforts with. One of the important things we do is help them collect signatures for petitions and/or ballot initiatives (MO).  We need friendly, outgoing people to go door-to-door or to collect signatures at a specific location.

Be an IKC Social Media Maven


IKC needs help in keeping our social media current and relevant.  We are especially interested in having someone help us reach young voters more effectively.  If you love progressive issues as much as you love social media, IKC could use your help in amplifying our calls to action.

Be an IKC Protest/Rally/Special Events Coordinator

IKC needs people who can assist with planning and running special events, like member meetings, educational events, voter registration, rallies or citizen town halls.  Typically, IKC parters with other groups for large events, so IKC coordinators would be tasked with being part of the planning process, taking on  responsibilities related to putting event details in place and coordinating with IKC regarding needs, commitments and issues surrounding the event.  Tasks change with each event, depending on collaborating organizations. 

Provide Protest/Rally/Special Events Assistance


Not interested in organizing but willing to help at the event?  Hurray!  Many hands make light work. You may be asked to help with room set up or tear down, handing out programs or signs, staffing sign-in tables, running sound systems or live streaming technology, etc. 

Provide Website Maintenance Support


As an all-volunteer organization, IKC needs a strong bench willing to backfill when task leaders are unable to give their normal amount of time due to life, vacations, etc.  Let us know if you'd be willing to help on an as-needed basis.

Run the IKC Welcome Wagon


IKC has been so busy resisting we have been slow* to welcome in all new volunteers in a timely way. This position would be for someone who is innately organized, and can get to know new IKC volunteers (through email, phone, and/or in-person meeting), and connect them with the right IKC action team.X


* - If you've volunteered before and we've let you slip through the cracks, we are so very sorry, and hope you'll come back to us.  As the imitible Milton Morris once said, "We ain't mad at nobody!"  Volunteers organizing volunteers can be a tricky game!

Help Write IKC's Weekly Newsletter


Our weekly newsletter team can always use an extra writer to help cover what's going on in Topeka, Jeff City and Washington.  A pithy and to-the-point writing style gives you bonus points!