Access to adequate health care is a right.  Not a privilege. That means health care is available at a fair price to all.  It also means that people have access to care in their communities - not hours away.

We live in the richest country in the world, yet suffer from one of the most expensive healthcare systems with some of the worst outcomes.


Partisan opposition and the health insurance lobby’s influence have driven healthcare access to a precarious point for families in Kansas and Missouri, especially hurting our most vulnerable: the working class, communities of color, and immigrants. In 2019, 70,000 people, including 50,000 children, were dropped from Missouri’s Medicaid rolls.


Research shows that 200,000 Missourians could gain coverage with Medicaid Expansion, which would pay for itself—both financially and in having a healthier, more secure community.


Join Indivisible KC and others groups leading the fight for not only accessibility, but health care as a fundamental human right, right here in Kansas City.




Kansas Medicaid Expansion Held Hostage by Sen. Susan Wagle

The KanCare expansion bill is now blocked in committee by Sen. Gene Suellentrop, at the bidding of Senate President Susan Wagle. He promoted several amendments that critics said would effectively kill the legislation:


  1. The killer proposal aims to block Medicaid expansion from being implemented until Kansas voters approve a constitutional amendment reversing the Supreme Court’s abortion decision;

  2. Work, education or volunteer requirements were added for anyone enrolling in expanded coverage;

  3. An amendment allowing Medicaid providers to opt-out of medical services they object to on religious grounds passed;

  4. Another proposal would stop Medicaid expansion from being implemented until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the individual coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

You know what to do!  Call, write and show up (Read about the event happening on 3/10)  and demand Medicaid expansion.

Kansas Medicaid Expansion Up in Air


Last Monday the Kansas Legislature, which had seemed set to expand Medicaid for up to 130,000 low-income Kansans after Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly and Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning (Sen Dist-11, R) had forged a pre-session compromise, ground to a virtual halt.

Today, additionally, the state budget looks as though it will be held up all because of abortion politics. It should anger you right now; and further delay may well impact important services like transportation legislation and law enforcement, to say nothing of important voting rights, energy, and other health care legislation.

That a self-serving Senate president, Susan Wagle, has put her personal ambitions above the people she is supposed to serve is not the most galling aspect of this story. Understand that Kansans for Life, the KS Chamber of Commerce and the four Catholic dioceses of Kansas are determined to block Medicaid expansion until a constitutional amendment effectively criminalizing abortion is put on the August ballot. There is no depth too deep these self-righteous fundamentalists will not sink because they believe their moral imperative supersede all others’.


  • Read the actual KS Supreme Court decision that got this snowball rolling and then make up your own mind. Click here.

  • Call Susan Wagle at 785-296-2419

  • Call the Kansas Chamber of Commerce: 785-357-6321


Click through to read more about bills, their status, full text, sponsors and how specific elected representatives voted. (Best viewed on a larger screen.)  

Colors bars to the left of bills indicate IKC support (green) or opposition (red). 

We will be ranking more pieces of proposed legislation in the 2020 session.  If you'd like to help us sort through the bills introduced regarding health care, go to our volunteer form, here.

**Data supplied by Bill Track 50**



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