Thoughts on Reducing the Burden on the USPS

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I have noticed that in the last two weeks, I have only received two bills (important mail) and everything else has been advertisements or unnecessary mail.

Examples of unnecessary mail are been ads for reevaluating my mortgage, a notice that I have received many times before, and a request for me to sign a petition to save the bees which I have also signed several times before and is, in reality, another request for donations.

I have contacted many of these organizations by email and suggested that if they believe that Biden will be better for bees, the environment, or whatever their primary interest may be, then it might be in their best interest to reduce or eliminate their unnecessary mailings during the next few months.

This would help to reduce the stress on the post office and increase the likelihood that Social Security checks, medicines, and ballots get through the mail more easily.

Also I plan to Boycott FedX and would recommend that others do the same as long as Dejoy is mismanaging the Post Office. Since Dejoy is a major stockholder of FedX and seems to have as one of his primary objectives to destroy the post office for personal gain.

These are my suggestions. I am spreading the word as best I can and hope that if you find these suggestions make sense that you and your organization will join with me in spreading the word.

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