Updated: Jul 15, 2020

by Chuck Stone


During the 6th presidential debate, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard labeled US involvement in Syria as regime change. She said that the blood of our Kurdish allies is on Donald Trump’s hands. She also said politicians from both parties are also to blame for attempting regime change abroad.

US policy in Syria was always confusing to our allies. As detailed in Mother Jones deep read “Behind the Lines” by Shane Bower, initially, President Obama’s objective was initially change. Obama’s first military support was to bomb ISIS in Raqqa. The US-backed rebels and Kurds wanted the US to establish a no-fly zone to stop Syrian President Assad’s aerial bombing, which was killing more civilians than ISIS.

President Obama had used the same post-9/11 congressional authorization that President George Bush used to wage war against Al Qaeda – not ISIS. Prior to the bombing of Raqqa, ISIS was at war with a Syrian faction of Al Qaeda.

The CIA was arming the Kurdish to fight Assad's forces and the Pentagon was training 5,000 rebels to fight ISIS. Meanwhile, the American press had two reporters beheaded by ISIS so there were no war information for the American public to follow. Soon Obama had to break his promise to not put boots on the ground. He was sending troops in with a secret objective – use this battlefield to wipe out ISIS. With no allies, ISIS strongholds fell in battles with the Kurds, Russians, and the US.

In December of 2018 President Trump called for a troop withdrawal from Syria because “We Won" Under political pressure, he changed his mind.

Then, “… last Sunday (10/14/19), four-dimensional chess-master Donald Trump, after a call with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced American forces would simply withdraw unilaterally. He added Turkey would ‘soon be moving forward with a long-planned operation into northern Syria.’ That is, in addition to withdrawing support for the Kurds, he would deliver them into the hands of their worst enemy, who fully intends to kill them in large numbers. It’s as if, in addition to simply stiffing his workers, as he was liable to do as a real estate developer, he had the guys who laid the tile and installed the windows handed over to the mafia.” – Rolling Stone, Seth Harp

When Nixon ordered a peaceful and orderly withdrawal from Viet Nam our Navy pushed helicopters over the side of their ships so they could save more refugees. We don’t see that kind of loyalty today. History will not be kind to these actions.

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