Trump is Facting GOP Challengers ... But Not in Kansas

The Kansas GOP confirmed last week that it would not hold a caucus next year to determine the GOP presidential candidate; all Republican candidates instead will automatically go to Trump as the incumbent. Two other states — Nevada and South Carolina — have joined Kansas. This is despite significant challengers to Trump from his own party, Joe Walsh and Bill Weld.

What you can do: Make sure your Kansan GOP friends know about this. They can contact the party at  



Stop Sam Graves' attempt to turn back the clock


Take 30 seconds to prevent Rep. Sam Graves from taking us backward in time. The Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge was changed to what it is today, a name that pays tribute to the geological make-up of the area, after Tribal and community leaders spoke up to say the previous name was offensive to Native Americans. Now Graves wants to change it back to the original offensive name.


What you can do: 


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