8/19 - From Indivisible National


While we know about 80 percent of Indivisibles are in support of beginning an impeachment inquiry, and we don’t need to tell you why impeachment is the right thing to do, let’s talk about why this is where we are. 

We need to start an impeachment investigation not just because Trump obstructed justice in the Mueller investigation, but also because he is obstructing Congress’s efforts to conduct oversight of his administration. In over 20 separate investigations, Trump has sought to block requests for testimony, documents, and other materials that could help shed light onto his corruption and cruelty. This goes well beyond “executive privilege,” and into the realm of outright disregard for the checks and balances that define our government.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists that House Democrats are not planning on impeaching Donald Trump—even though she has also said that his obstruction and other efforts to cover up his crimes “could be an impeachable offense,” and that he is an “existential threat to our democracy.” Even after Special Counsel Mueller made his remarks on May 29 emphasizing that accountability for Trump will have to come from Congress, Speaker Pelosi put out a statement saying that “Congress will continue to investigate,” but with no additional details about opening an impeachment inquiry. It’s getting old. 


Let’s be clear: even if he likely won’t be removed from office, opening an impeachment inquiry into Trump is the right thing to do. Trump obstructed justice in the Mueller probe, which should be reason enough for the House to initiate an impeachment inquiry. (It was good enough for the House Judiciary Committee in 1974, when they approved an article of impeachment for obstruction of justice for Nixon’s actions in the Watergate investigation.) If House Democrats truly believe that Trump has committed crimes and is an existential threat to democracy, then the only reasonable response is impeachment -- and yet they delay.

It’s also important to note that impeachment is a Constitutionally-defined process that could further sharpen House Democrats’ investigatory authority. Trump is stonewalling every investigation they launch, which has meant that House Democrats have to go to the courts to force the administration to comply with their subpoenas. By launching an impeachment inquiry, House Democrats would be able to make clear to the courts that they have a “legitimate legislative purpose” for their requests, and they would be able to get access to grand jury materials from the Mueller investigation to see much of what Attorney General Barr redacted from the publicly-released version of the report.

We don’t want to sugarcoat it -- there are reasons impeachment could be a political winner, and reasons it could be a political loser. Given that it’s unclear, Democrats should just do the right thing and open an impeachment inquiry into Trump.



From Indivisible National:


"We want to share with you something that the American Psychological Association (APA) released on Sunday:

'As our nation tries to process the unthinkable yet again, it is clearer than ever that we are facing a public health crisis of gun violence fueled by racism, bigotry and hatred. The combination of easy access to assault weapons and hateful rhetoric is toxic… One critical factor is access to, and the lethality of, the weapons that are being used in these crimes. Adding racism, intolerance and bigotry to the mix is a recipe for disaster.'

"The APA doesn’t name names, but we will: Donald Trump’s racist policies and rhetoric combined with Mitch McConnell’s adoration of guns and refusal to implement even basic gun violence prevention measures are making our country’s racism and our gun violence bloodbath even worse. 

In order to stem this epidemic, we need to do a lot of things: We need to elect leaders who have the bravery to face down the NRA, and who will close the detention camps. We need to get Trump off Twitter and out of office. We need to eliminate anti-democracy rules like the filibuster that allow McConnell to kill any gun violence prevention bill before it reaches a vote."

For Indivisibles in Kansas City, we need to call out - and vote out - not only #45, but also our US Senators (on both sides of the state line) who stand with Mitch McConnell and the NRA.  Note that Roy Blunt is the 3rd LARGEST recipient of NRA contributions in the Senate. 




Congressman Cleaver released a statement  supporting an impeachment inquiry against Trump:

“After reading Special Counsel Mueller’s redacted report and listening to his testimony, it’s clear to me that they indicate the President committed one or more instances of obstruction of justice while in office. When looking at the evidence presented, there is obviously enough smoke to investigate the potential fire of corruption. Congress has a constitutional responsibility to further investigate the evidence presented by the Special Counsel.”

This is a big step from our famously deliberative congressperson. Thanks to everyone who encouraged him to speak out! We hope others will soon follow his example.


What you can do: 

  • Call Congressman Cleaver and thank him for his leadership.