I would like to vote in person on Tuesday, November 3rd

1.  Make a plan to vote.  Confirm your polling location in advance.  Set a specific time to go vote, and put that on your calendar. 


Wear a mask and be prepared to wait.

2.  Feel smart, and review your ballot before you go vote.  As soon as sample ballots are available, we will share links/pdfs here.

3.  Polls in both states open at 6 am and close at 7 pm.  IF YOU ARE IN LINE AT 7 PM, YOU CAN VOTE.

4. Enter the voter protection hotline into your phone.  1-866-OUR-VOTE  (1-866-687-8683)

5.  Make sure you bring proper ID.  Check requirements (or how to apply for appropriate ID) here:

kansas with drop shadow-01.png
missouri with drop shadow-01.png

6.  Know your rights

     Call the voter protection hotline you experience or see:

  • Voter intimidation from other voters, candidate volunteers, poll workers, or election officials

  • Harassment (including harassing questions about your qualifications to vote)

  • False information about voting requirements

  • People impersonating poll workers or election official

      If you make a mistake on your ballot, you can ask for a new one.​

7.  Be prepared for long lines.  Mask up, and grab a friend.  Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.  You might also want to bring water, snacks, and a folding chair. 


Remember, creating long lines by opening fewer polling locations and creating distrust in mail-in voting are among the tactics used to suppress voter turnout.  Don't let them win that easily.  Remember that standing in line is nothing compared to the sacrifices made by activists like the late John Lewis to ensure your right to vote.  

Want to vote in person before Nov. 3rd?

Kansas residents may do so without excuse.

Missouri residents need to meet certain criteria, but if those criteria are met, you can vote in person and skip the need for a notary.