IKC is going even more grass-roots. 


Person-to-person is the most effective way to encourage others take action. 


We are encouraging people to gather friends, family, neighbors, or members of your faith, business or alumni organization to talk, take local actions and help support larger actions in the community. 

Find out more about how to be an Action Captain, and to sign up here.

Action Captain Groups

  1. The Dodson Gang

  2. Gherkin Embroidery Group

Shoulder to Shoulder

New to activism?  Not sure what to do?

Check out our TOOLS page for how-tos,

and the lists of events and activities on our WELCOME page.

Need a refresher on the legislative process? 
Yeah, we were home sick that day, too.

We need you-01.png

Inspired to do more?  

Check out the list IKC volunteer opportunities.  As an all-volunteer group, we are always in need of additional brain power and sets of hands.

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